Ministry St. Timothy Lutheran Church

In September of 2010, the Voters of St. Timothy voted to arrange for a vacancy pastor during the pending call process to bring in a permanent minister.  The voters choose to seek an agreement with Pastor Richard E. Flath who had served frequently as a supply pastor before and after the interim ministry program of Pastor Patterson.

On October 1st, 2010,  Pastor Flath and St Timothy entered into an agreement for Pastor Flath to serve as an Vacancy Pastor until May 1st 2011.


In July of 2009 the members of St Timothy chose to participate in the Intentional Interim Ministry program.  As the first step in this process,  Pastor Craig A. Patterson became our Pastor.  Pastor Patterson is an experience Intentional Interim Minister and had recently completed his interim ministry at Epiphany Lutheran in Kirkland, Washington.  Pastor Craig and his wife Carol have brought a new spirit to St. Timothy and the congregation has launched into the first of three phases of the interim ministry program.


For more information on this program, please visit the LCMS website